Blinged Flower Power Earrings SINGLE-Head Stamp Stud Earring
Our Price: $20.00
Our Price: $8.00
For the smaller (17mm) size Flower Power Earrings only 9mm head stamps work with tiny Swarovski crystals just around the edge on the flower points. For the larger (21mm) size you could go with a .40 caliber or even a .38 Special or .357 Magnum head stamp, for those you most likely can use the small Swarovski crystals but again they would be just around the edge on the flower points. If you go with a 9mm head stamp on the larger (21mm) size flower you can add more bling to it like the Brass 9mm Earrings with Capri Blue Swarovski Crystals that are pictured.  **MOST surrounding crystals are available in tiny or small crystal size BUT some are only available in one size. IF you choose a color that is not available in the size that I would normally put with your Flower, I will contact you** Just like the Head Stamp Stud Earrings but for the guys. Guys can get a single stud with either no Swarovski Crystal & just the primer or they can pick a Swarovski Crystal to go in the center. Choose from .40 Caliber or 9mm (or email for a special request at no extra cost) and then choose if you want a Nickel Plated Brass or Brass casing. Picture shows 2 but is just for 1 single stud!
Monster Vault Safe Guns & Bling Sticker
Our Price: $699.00
Our Price: $2.00
Under bed safe or mount in full size SUV

Measures 28"x 48" x 7"

Solid steel construction

3 cubic feet of storage

Slide out drawer with digital programmable combination lock measures 45" x 26"

Secure locking mechanism - two 1/2" steel bolts

Securely mounts to floor

7 year consumer warranty
Guns, Bling & Things In Between High Gloss Vinyl Sticker
3x6 Vinyl Sticker perfect for placement on glass & other surfaces
Charm it Up Earrings Sabre Stop Strap Pepper Spray
Our Price: $20.00
Our Price: $18.95
Headstamp Dangle Earrings are only available in .40 Caliber or 9mm Nickel Plated Brass casings. The headstamp is cut off ultra thin & ground smooth. The primer is then knocked out & replaced with a beautiful Swarovski Crystal of your choice (please see other photo for color chart). Pistol Packin' Mommy also will add coloring to the letters to make them stand out more (see photo description). Color options for lettering are limited but black is always available. If you would like a specific color you can add it to the comments at check out & please let us know if you would want black if that color is unavailable. The casings on hand vary so if you are looking for specific wording, for example: these head stamps say Winchester 40 S & W, please feel free to contact Pistol Packin' Mommy prior to purchase to see if it's available. To see more finished options check out the Pistol Packin' Mommy Jewelry album on the Jon's Guns Facebook Page Pink or Black - 0.54 oz. - Stop strap technology, will not spray if it is separated from the Stop Strap, providing a huge safety measure - Perfect for those reluctant to carry pepper spray
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